The whole content of this section dealing with the history of Moorside and St. Thomas' Church, has been reproduced from a booklet having the subject title, written by Reverend David Lawrance and published in 1972. Rev. Lawrence was the vicar at St. Thomas' from 1961 to 1974. A copy of the booklet was donated to the church by the late Mrs H Backhouse previously of 21 Alexandra Terrace, Moorside.

The items in, THE ARCHIVES dating back to 1879 and 1951 are reproduced with the permission of the Oldham Chronicle. There are also copies here of correspondence dated 1895 with William Mellodew in America, detailing a heated debate concerning ownership of the church's hand bells.

The church was advised some time ago, that the abbreviated information previously extracted from this publication had proven to be a useful resource to at least one local school. It was therefore felt appropriate that the whole of the booklet should be made available, to provide a fuller background of the church, it's origin and the quite recent history of Moorside and Sholver.

No comment concerning Moorside or the history of the church could ever be made without reference to the Mellodew family, who were primarily responsible for the birth of the village. This indebtedness can be traced in every page of this part of the site.

The history of the Mellodew family is contained in an excellent book, "An Oldham Velvet Dynasty" by William M. Hartley, first printed in 2009, ISBN 978-1-874181-64-4. The book is a fascinating biography of the company founded by the Mellodews and it's owners, dating from the start of the firm in the 1830s until it's demise in 1956. The substantial Moorside Mill in the drawing above, was one of the two mills established in Moorside, which became an integral part of the history of the village, is included in most photographs of the area during the life of the company.

All of the sections hold items of interest to anyone living in the area and in particular, those involved in both the church's activitities and the organisations associated with the church, such as the school, the Scouts and Guides, etc.

To provide an insight into the history of Moorside, further documents, maps and photographs can be viewed on VILLAGE HISTORY, a separate part of the site. This page provides links to photographs, maps, books, printed articles, etc relevant to the history of the village and it's people.

The Parish Church of St. Thomas 1872 - 1972