The Services menu provides a link to sections of the site providing background information on the services available at St. Thomas' Church, which we hope you will find useful. These sections also provide an indication of the duration of the services, and the different ways in which they can be varied to accomodate the wishes of the participants.

Worship takes place every Sunday at 10:30 in the form of a family Parish Communion Service. Every second Sunday of the month there is a Parade service with our uniformed groups, also there is an 8:30am service for those who want a Holy Communion Service.

Baptisms are held on Sunday at 12:30. We only baptise people from one family each week, and it is best to contact us at least three months before the date required.

Please contact Reverend Mitchell to discuss getting married in church. We do our best to make a couple's wedding a wonderful occasion, and work with them to plan their special service. Our church is happy to consider the marriage of people who have previously been divorced, and Reverend Mitchell would welcome a call from anyone wishing to talk about such hopes.

We also provide a service for those couples who wish to confirm the wedding vows they took at the time of their marriage. The church is particularly pleased to conduct such services as we feel that they provide a beacon to our community showing the value of the marriage ceremony.

Funeral services are usually arranged through an undertaker, But Reverend Mitchell will be happy to speak to anyone who would like to discuss such services.

If there are any questions unanswered on the website, please call us for clarification or guidance.